Custom Cupholders, Custom Ashtrays & Assemblies for Aircraft
Custom Cupholders, Ashtrays & Assemblies for Aircraft from Starr Company

In business since 1969, Charles A Starr Co. is a name you can trust.

Charles A Starr Co has been manufacturing cupholders, ashtrays & assemblies for the custom aircraft industry for over 35 years. Because of our high standards of excellence, engineering and attention to detail, we are currently the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for some of the highest quality made aircraft in the industry, such as: Boeing Aircraft, Dassault Falcon Jet, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Gulfstream Aerospace, Raytheon Aircraft, and others. We have always catered to the desires of our customers wishes and have defined the word custom in our products.

The cupholder and ashtray is usually at arms length or closer to every passenger in any luxury aircraft. It is constantly in close view and scrutiny of all the passengers and can be a sign of luxury and quality. The cupholder is also the easiest and least expensive interior piece to upgrade.

The advantages of buying a cupholder, ashtray or combination unit from the Charles A Starr Co is choice, quality and price. You have several choices when buying cup holders from us. Stamping, spinning or milling. The advantages of stamping are consistency, quality and price. The original tooling cost is high, but we run thousands of parts made of 6061-0 aluminum for our standard cupholders and that allows us to keep the price down. We have cup holders that are made with a combination of stamping and spinning for special 1/8" square and round lips. Spinning gives you the choice of varying sizes to fit your needs with a reasonable per piece cost. We also make cupholders and cupholder / ashtray combination units that are milled from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum. So whatever your customers desire, we will do our best to satisfy.

Lets compare the cost, quality and final appearance of a cupholder that is stamped, spun or milled. A milled cup costs approximately 4 times that of a stamped cup. $80.00 milled. $30.00 spun. $20.00 stamped. These are approximate prices. After the cup has been plated and installed no one can tell the difference except the person who paid for it. A stamped or spun cup will last just as long as a milled cup. The plating is what will deteriorate. If you want a milled cup holder, we make it as one piece, not two pieces as some other companies do. With a two piece unit, you have the possibility that they will become loose and rattle with time. Also, with a 2 piece cupholder, you need to plate or otherwise finish two pieces, thus doubling your plating cost.

We do not need to offer varying degrees of quality as some of our competitors do. Our complete line is of the finest first quality premium parts. We have tooling for more than 100 Cupholders of different size diameters and heights. Our line of ashtrays includes nine different styles and modifications within those styles. We also have ashtray inserts that fit into a cup holder to make it an ashtray if needed. We have figure 8 dual cupholders that are milled from one solid piece of aluminum. We have tambour door cupholder & ashtray combinations that close and open when needed.

Charles A Starr CO INC is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the following companies.

Boeing Aircraft Co. - Cessna Aircraft Co. - Gulfstream Aerospace
Dassault Falcon Jet - Bombardier Aerospace - Hawker Beechcraft

Supplying the world with custom cupholders, ashtrays and assemblies
for the aircraft industry since 1969.

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